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Our mission

Our mission is to promote and develop leadership that takes responsibility and action for the common good and long-term sustainability of our societies and the care of nature;

We implement “breakthrough innovations” by developing and executing cutting edge leadership programs for the food and construction sectors. We apply the principle of circularity and sustainability, acknowledging that only through collaboration industry shifts can occur.

We are inspired by the humanistic and religious traditions that teach self-transcendence, care for the earth and accountability for the poor and disenfranchised as well as the intellectual disciplines of systems thinking, emotional intelligence and scientific rigor.

Why are we doing it?

We see that projects for sustainability and circular economy often slow down significantly because chain partners do not know each other sufficiently. Partly because they have not gotten to know and appreciate each other, and solutions and decisions are difficult to get started and have a long-time horizon.


Real breakthroughs can come when people have met on a deeper level. They have worked and learned together, learned to trust each other and have learned to shift their thinking from a linear. Only then, they can develop a more holistic view of finding solutions optimizing outcomes that benefit people and nature alike.

Personne Mingling

How do we do it?

Through a sector-wide leadership journey of 18 months, we prepare this target group in participatory leadership, assignments focused with coaching, mentoring and the necessary conceptual input.

To begin with, we focus on the agriculture / food sector and the infrastructure value chains. Our goal is to expand into other sectors. The learning curve from this beginning is used to scale up.

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